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Bagged Aggregates

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CML offers many of its products bagged, including the range of CML Silica sands, Sports Top dressings and decorative stone.
CML can bag in 1 tonne bulk bags, or supply as 1 tonne palletised in 25kg bags.
These products are ideal for smaller jobs that require the minimum amount of material.
1 Tonne Bulk Bags
1 Tonne Palletised in 25 Kg Bags

Decorative Chippings
Decorative aggregates are specially selected and graded. Decorative Chippings are available in a range of colours that include Scottish Pebbles, White Pebbles, Cotswold stone quarries, blue slate chippings, plum slate chippings, green slate chippings and are all available bagged.

Gravels and Shingles
CML offers a range of aggregates and sands available in either of our bagged formats.

Mulches and Woodchips
CML stocks a wide range of wood chips and mulches available in 80 litre bags which are then palletised. Our minimum order is one pallet.

Grass Seed
We have an extensive range of grass seed available. Our grass seed is supplied by two of the bigger seed houses, so we can normally cater to most customer requirements. Seed brochures are available on request.

Rubber Granules
This material is useful for play areas, pathways and sports surfaces and is available in a variety of different colours.
Rock Salt
Brown English Rock Salt
White Rock Salt

Sand Bages
CML Sand Bags are filled and ready for use. We supply washed sand in bags of approximately 20kg (bag size 75cm x 34cm x 10cm).

CML has a complete range of high quality sands in bags available to meet the needs of all applications.
These include:-
Golf Bunker Sands
Coloured Sands
Washed sands
Sports Dressing
Sand bags
Play Pit sand
All types of Kiln Dried Sandbags

Turf Dressings

Volley Ball Sand

Top Dressings

The CML range also extends to bagged Top Dressings, which can be distributed within the UK.
50/50 Turf Dressing Sterilised
60/40 Turf Dressing Sterilised
70/30 Turf Dressing Sterilised
80/20 Turf Dressing Sterilised

50/50 Rootzone
60/40 Rootzone
70/30 Rootzone
80/20 Rootzone

Stain Free White Beach Sand
The texture, quality and colour of this sand ensures excellent durability and playability. The off-white colour reduces glare and provides a natural appearance. This sand is designed to drain well.
Stain Free White Beach Sand
Our CML Beach Sand is a high quality grade stain-free sand, which has a smooth, fine, rounded particle size which conforms to BS EN71-Part 3 and BS EN1177. The smooth grains are thoroughly washed to remove all contaminants and dirt. The sand is non-staining and has been supplied for use in corporate and leisure events and to the advertising industry, where a high quality sand is required.