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CML Greenspread Organic Compost

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Green Organic Composts are now as popular as the composted green waste, which is then screened and cleaned to produce an 8mm and 5mm material. They are designed to encourage strong growth whilst returning natural nutrients to the land.
CML offers other green organic materials with a low PH. Our materials work well as growing mediums. We also offer our custom blended soils mixed with either 2-4mm or 6mm grit.

CML 5mm Fine Greenspread Organic Compost
CML 10mm Greenspread Organic Compost
Eco 5 mm Top Dressing
CML Super Green Soil Conditioner
Construction Materials (CML) Super Green Soil Conditioner complies with the Composting Association and is certified to the British Standard PAS 100, which sets minimum requirements for the process of composting material.
CML Super Green Soil Conditioner is produced peat-free.  It is 0mm-10mm soil conditioner product which is manufactured from 100% recycled organic material.  It contains no additives or chemicals and provides natural plant nutrients including: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sulphur

- Improve soil fertility and helps with moisture retention
- Breaks down heavy clay soils
- Suitable for top dressing of lawns, trees and shrubs
- Greenspread is a recycled material, derived from green and woody plant materials, which are then processed to produce a well decomposed, crumbly, soil-like product that is a source of organic matter.  It can be applied to most soil types.
- The process involves a period of rapid decomposition and self-heating followed by a cooler, slower decay of the most resistant forms of organic matter.

Soil Improver
100% composted organic material, which is a rich dark in colour suitable for digging in, providing humus and a range of nutrients to the plants.