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Drainage Stone Lytag & Lightweight Aggregates

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Construction Materials Ltd has a full range of drainage materials which includes Lytag, 2mm grit rounded and angular shingle. CML also produce a USGA specification Yellow Stone Grit which conforms to a 2mm-4mm specification.
Lytag Granular Material
CML supplies the complete range of Lytag.  The basic raw material for Lytag is PFA, a by-product of coal burning.  PFA is first palletized and then sintered at 1250° in order to produce rounded pellets.
Lytag is an ideal medium for land drainage applications. Its rounded shape and regular grading give excellent hydraulic conductivity.
It is used in the construction of golf course greens and is frequently used in stilt trenching. It may also be used for the following:
Sports Fields - Lytag is excellent for both open trenching and stilting.  4mm-8mm aggregate can also be used for trench fill around bowling greens.
Sportag for Play Areas - Special grades of Lytag are available for children's play areas and artificial sports surfaces.

Drainage Stone
CML stocks a full range of shingles.