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Eco Range

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Construction Materials offers a wide range of eco friendly materials
Our range of eco friendly materials includes:

Eco 3mm Top Dressing
Custom-blended Eco Topsoil which can be mixed to your own requirements using a combination of Topsoil, Greenwaste and Sand.

Recycled Crushed Brick
Recycled Crushed Brick is no longer available but we offer plenty of alternatives.

Roof Soils
CML offers a range of eco friendly roofing materials like green roof systems, brown roofs, green roofs.
Our Green Roofing soils offer all the expected benefits for green roof construction, absorbing rainwater, providing insulation and creating a suitable growing medium. We offer both the thicker and heavier intensive soil, which can support a wide variety of planting and the lighter extensive soil, suitable for less dense cultivation.
Brown Roofing We supply Brown Roofing material which is a mixture of rubble, gravel and spoil suitable for meeting of specific biodiversity targets, partivulalry in commercial properties and provide a suitable environment to encourage native flora and fauna to develop.