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Construction Materials (CML) has a comprehensive range of pathway dressing and sports surfaces materials designed to meet horticultural requirements for all market sectors. The following products are available:
The following products are available:
Pink pathway is an increasingly popular product that can be seen at many golf clubs and sports clubs throughout the UK.  Pink Pathway can be mixed to a fine grade or blended to a medium coarse mix, giving more body to the material.
Construction Materials Pine Green Pathway Finish
Pine Green Pathway Finish has been specially formulated by Construction Materials. This popular range of pathway dressings is available in a variety of blends, from 4mm down to dust.  This will provide a very pleasing and superior finish on any landscaping project.
Redgra is a high quality product with an outstanding reputation. Redgra is a good absorbent limestone-based product, ideally suited for running tracks, hard surface football pitches and baseball pitches. Redgra is also used by councils and schools for hockey pitches, long-jump run-ups and all other outdoor sports courts.
CML Washed Cockleshells
White in colour, these are excellent for pathways and will not damage mower blades. Furthermore, when they are used as a pathway material they will always look clean. We can also supply crushed cockleshells.
Construction Materials Washed Breeze Ash
Available in black, this material comes in a variety of grades:
Construction Materials Path Dressing

This is a brilliant product for finishing pathways as it drains well and provides a smooth, natural and professional finish. It comes in two colours, red and grey.
Construction Materials Golden Brown Pathway Gravel

Golden Brown Pathway Gravel comprises of closely compressed particles. The porous nature of this pathway material allows for good drainage as well as providing a lasting, natural-looking finish to any landscaping project. Grades produced:
5mm Golden Brown Pathway Dressing     
20mm Golden Brown Pathway Dressing
Construction Materials Crushed Brick
CML crushes the red brick and then processes the material to various different sizes.
Construction Materials Base Finish
This is a granite based product. This material is blended with a lower percentage of dust to enable the base material to bond with the top surface.