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Construction Materials Cheshire & Staffordshire Rootzones

CML offers a wide range of formulated Rootzones mixed with a combination of sand, soil, compost and peat; these are blended through a 4mm screen. We blend our products with high quality CML materials. These provide a good environment for seed development to create an ideal playing surface.

Divot Mixes
A custom formulated divot mix of sand, topsoil and peat that can be blended to meet the needs of your playing surface. It is the ideal fix for divots on both courses and practice fields. Our sand’s permeability provides an excellent environment for proper seed development; nutrients may be added to mixes for enhanced grow-in. Also available in green for hiding divot areas while they are growing in.
60/40 4mm Divot Mix
70/30 4mm Divot Mix
Sports Renovation Mixes
Our blended Renovation Mixes are formulated in a lab environment to provide a consistent playing surface. The consistent particle size makes for better percolation rates. Whether you are constructing a new sport pitch or golf green, our blends can be customized and mixed to your requirements to meet your standards.
60/40 4mm Sport Pitch Renovation Mixes
70/30 4mm Sport Pitch Renovation Mixes
Construction Materials Pro-Championship Rootzone
CML′s range of Pro-Championship rootzones is screened to 4mm and then blended with a medium coarse sand to blended to the customers’ requirements
70/30 Rootzone
80/20 Rootzone
60/40 Rootzone
50/50 Rootzone
Cheshire Rootzone
Cheshire Prozone is screened to 4mm.  We blend this with high-quality 28 grade medium coarse sand. Turf professionals will be able to meet the required sports pitch specification.
No. 1 Rootzone
No. 2 Rootzone
No. 3 Rootzone
No. 4 Rootzone
Sports Rootzone
Construction Materials Greenspread Mixes

Our Eco Organic Greenspread Mixes are created by mixing sand with soil and a percentage of organic PAS100 compost.  We then blend this through a 4mm screen.  These are designed to encourage strong growth whilst returning natural nutrients to the ground.
70/30 Greenspread Mix
60/40 Greenspread Mix
50/50 Greenspread Mix

Construction Materials Rootzone Mixes
Designed to our own strict guidelines, these are used widely across the sports turf market and are available in the following formulae:
70/30 Rootzone
80/20 Rootzone
60/40 Rootzone
50/50 Rootzone

Construction Materials USGA Rootzones
This is blended with our high quality silica sand and peat to meet the required USGA specification