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CML offers a large range of sands in an assortment of grades and colours. The full range includes silica sands , bunker sand, playpit sand, Leighton Buzzard sand, washed sand, play sand, sports ground sands, sterilised sands, turf dressing sands, equestrian sands, beach sand, Volley ball sand, sharp sands, coloured sands, Moon sand, silver sand and crag sand. Our sports turf sand is favoured amongst agronomists.
Our range has been to supplied customer across all market sectors.

Construction Materials Ltd offer a wide range of quality sands

White Washed 37 Sand
Colour: light yellow/white
This is a high quality grade pale yellow silica sand, which is washed and has a medium to fine particle range. This sand is commonly used as bunker sand
Sports Pitch (Silica Grade) Dressing Sand
As a leading supplier of sport pitch dressing sands, CML has a range that will meet your specific requirements. Our high grade pure silica sands are formulated to medium and medium/coarse grading. These are also used in all of the CML sport pitch renovation mixes.

2EW Dressing Sand
Colour: orange/brown
This is a fine sterilised sand, making it an ideal product for use as a dressing on synthetic surfaces, for example Astro turf.  2EW is also widely used for the dressing of greens within the golf market.

CML Medium Silver Sand
Colour: Silver grey
Available in medium coarse and a medium fine grade, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the leisure industry due to its excellent drainage properties and large rounded particle size.

Medium Coarse 28 grade Sand
Colour: white/yellow
Top quality bunker sand with a rounded shape particle range. Moneystone sand has been used as a bunker sand in many of the UK’s top golf clubs. This sand has a medium/coarse grading.

Medium 45 grade Sand
Colour: white/yellow
A top quality bunker sand with a rounded shape particle range. Moneystone sand has been used as a bunker sand in many of the UK’s top golf clubs. This sand has a medium/coarse grading.

Kingsley Washed Sand
Colour: pale yellow
Kingsley sands are available in both single-washed and double-washed sand. The double-wash process produces a slight finer grading.

Kingsley Fine Washed Sand
Kingsley Washed Sand

CML Grit Sand 5 (GS5) Bunker Sand
Colour: light yellow/white
This is a high grade, light yellow silica sand.  GS5 is widely used in the leisure market where its main uses include bunker sands and the dressing of golf greens.  It can also be used in water filtration.

SS01 Single Washed/SS02 Double Washed
Colour: yellow
This silica sand is available as a single-washed sand or a double-washed sand. The double-wash process makes SS02 a cleaner, finer product which is ideally suited to sports turf dressing.

Playpit Sand
Our CML Play Sand is high quality grade playpit sand, which has a smooth fine rounded particle size and conforms to BS EN71-Part 3 and BS EN1177. The smooth grains are thoroughly washed to remove all contaminants and dirt. The sand is non-staining and non-toxic and has a variety of uses from school long jump pits to play areas.

Leighton Buzzard Sand
Colour: orange/brown
CML also has a good range of Leighton Buzzard sands that are very popular and widely known for their medium to coarse particle sizing.

Iron sand
Colour: brown
This widely used sand has a medium/coarse grading range.

P205 Sand
Colour: brown
This is a washed sand that is light brown in colour.

Leighton Buzzard 18/25 BS 4550 Part 6
This is a very specialist material for strength testing. CML can package this product so it can be shipped worldwide.

Wareham White Sand
Colour: pale yellow
Wareham White is ideal for golf bunkers

Miscellaneous Sands
MM45 sand/MM35 sand/ MM55 sand
RH45 sand/RH28 sand/CH28 sand /South Acres sand.

Waterflow sand
CML Astro Turf Sports Dressing Sand
CML Yellow Bunker sand.