The leading supplier to the sports turf industry
Construction Materials Ltd
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Construction Materials Ltd

The leading supplier to the sports turf industry

Construction Materials Limited (CML) is an independent Bulk Aggregate supplier which supplies to a range of markets.  CML offers many products, which include specialist products for the Sports Turf Industry.  CML offers a full range of quality aggregates and sports turf materials, from fine turf top dressings and high grade silica sands to general aggregates and landscaping materials.
CML has been the respected choice, and our range has been trusted around the country by many professionals, across a host of industries. CML extensive product knowledge has provided customers with specialist requirements, solutions to their specific needs.
Our range includes USGA Specification materials, which are particularly suited to USGA golf courses.
Our meticulously engineered Sports Grade products, which including our Fine Turf range, are laboratory tested and are designed to accurately meet your sports turf needs. With CML Sports Turf and Recreation products, you can rely on a consistent product and a prompt service.  
CML now produces a new Eco Greens Dressing, which is not dried, but produced through a fine wire screen and organically mixed using the best quality materials.

Construction Materials produce products to cater for specialist fields.